“Welcome to THE DRAWING ROOM, In Which We Meet The Authors Of A Most Agreeable Pastime”

Meanwhile, in THE MANOR…  Burdened by the weight of a sumptuous dinner of guinea fowl (topped off with more than a drop of claret), two gentlemen make their way wheezily into the room, eventually collapsing in their overstuffed wingback armchairs with a satisfying ‘Harrumph!’

The magnificently sideburned Lucius Merriweather half turns towards the ornate drinks cabinet by his side and calls over his shoulder: “How about a little digestif Gaulie old boy?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” responds Sir Gaulian, a tall slim chap with more than enough red hair to cover a fox and an uncanny inability to grow any semblance of a decent, manly moustache.

Lucius P. Merriweather

An editor by trade, Lucius often whiles away an evening by putting pen to parchment, but he first began ‘Blogging’ on ‘The Internet’ as a way to document his travels in Japan (see An Englishman in Nyu-Gun). His lifelong interest in video games eventually culminated in a lengthy digest entitled 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better, and it was while writing this tome that he first fell into the company of Sir Gaulian, a like-minded fellow with a passion for games. Lucius is also the co-author/broadcaster of 101 Films You Should Have Seen… Probably, a podcast and blog dedicated to charting obscure, and not so obscure, films that really shouldn’t have passed you by. Now and then, he can be found writing odds and ends for Eurogamer, among other publications. Lucius is a proud Londoner.

Sir Gaulian (Blogger emeritus)

Economist by day and lesser evil by night, Sir Gaulian discovered the wonders of digital adventuring at a very young age and has seldom looked back.  It is rumoured that the earliest evidence of his love affair with video games takes the form of a painting of a two-year old child playing International Soccer for the Commodore 64: but no such artefact has ever been discovered.  He is partial to ‘handheld consoles’ of yore, good for those long horse-drawn carriage journeys to town, and while he can be often found staring lovingly into a screen on his latest adventure, you are just as likely to find him in the Drawing Room pondering the business of it all.  Sir Gaulian is Australian born and bred. He announced his blogging retirement in February 2017, but promises to return unbidden to The Manor whenever the occasion takes his fancy.

Simon Bradbrook

Several rooms away from The Drawing Room, in the East Wing of The Manor, lies the imposing (and somewhat drafty) gallery. Here we espy a hunched figure dressed in a tattered three-piece suit – a checked red waistcoat can be percieved between the lapels of a faded and paint-spattered black (but now almost grey) jacket. The careworn suit is accessorized with frayed fingerless gloves and an enormous woollen hat in an attempt by the wearer to keep out the infernal cold of the draughty gallery. A small brazier sputters by the lone figure’s side has he hunches over his easel, intently concentrating on his latest masterpiece.

This, dear friend, is the resident artist of the manor and official painter for A Most Agreeable Pastime, Simon Bradbrook.

Simon’s handiwork can be seen in the header at the top of the page, and from time to time his services will be called upon to illustrate various facets of our compendium. In the meantime, if you are interested in drawing upon Simon’s talent for yourself, please send a missive to s_bradbrook at hotmail dot com.

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