Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a great film if only because it’s an accurate commentary on an aspect of the human condition – the nostalgic and often skewed view of the past.  Owen Wilson plays an aspiring novellist who romanticises a 1920’s Paris and everything surrounding it, from the writers to the artists and philanthropists, all of which he uses as inspiration to write his first great novel.  It is a great story because we all do it, we are all guilty of romanticising the great aspects of the good old days while washing over the bad parts.  I do it with films, I do it with music and most of all I do it with video games when deep down inside I know that Contra is nothing more than the great big stupid hulking action games that we see today that was both a product of both the technology and popular culture of the time.  But I still hold it, and others like it, on a pedestal that modern action games just could never ever reach.