The intensity of Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is perhaps the most intense action-based first person shooter I’ve played in a long, long time. The hit and run tactics the game basically begs, pleads and bribes you to employ are simply exhilarating to the point where long play sessions become a mentally straining experience. Enabling cloak, screwing in a silencer to my assault rifle and popping a dude in the head from behind a carefully placed piece of cover makes me feel like a real guerrilla, a real bad dude, a real super soldier on the run.  An apt feeling given the game’s premise. But it also makes you feel smart, in an accomplished just worked out the solution to a maths problem you’ve been working on for the last hour kind of way.

In fact it does both so well that I couldn’t help but feel that with a few more ‘augmentations’ it could start to feel a bit more like a Deus Ex game, if Deus Ex had a partial lobotomy and suddenly grew some rather large testicles as a side effect of one of those new fandangled human enhancements.

That’s not to say that Crysis 2 is cerebrally challenged, nor that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is so smart that it’s boring. In fact I think that both are outstanding examples of their genre(s). But it makes me think that a game that treads firmly in both territories and pitches itself as both cerebral and balls-to-the-wall crazy is not a difficult proposition to imagine. In fact it really is the next logical step for first person shooters.

Crysis 2 is pretty darn great – you should play it


  1. I’m looking forward to playing Crysis 2, it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while. I’ll be playing Vanquish first though!

  2. That’s a great point. I think that’s one reason why I’ve never been extremely into shooters… a lot are just too heavy on ammo and not much else, and multiplayer action can be a bit tedious for me because there’s nothing else going on. (I know, it’s terrible to say that — that’s why I prefer a lot of fantasy games with varied combat!) So a game that has some cerebral depth as well as intense action sounds like a perfect combo. I guess I like the idea of spicing up shooters in general.

    1. I feel much the same way for the most part. I very rarely play multiplayer for that reason. But usually a satisfactory feel of the shooting, or varied and interesting weapons or environments can drag me through to the end of a single player campaign. But I do say ‘drag me’ because usually by the 5 or 6 hour mark I’m left wanting something more.

      So I definitely agree, spicing up the genre is something that is certainly welcome, whether that is through making the games ‘smarter’ through its mechanics or more intelligent AI, it is something that is needed for the next generation of consoles at the very least.

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