The Wii U preorder is in…

I’ve done it. No going back now: the Wii U has been preordered.

Maybe it was Adam Buxton’s voiceover on the new Wii U TV ad that finally pushed me to commit – I mean, if Adam likes it, surely it must be great? Right?

Seriously though, I’m pretty excited about finally getting my hands on Nintendo’s new machine. I’ve given the servants the day off on Friday 30th November, and I’ll be sat in The Manor excitedly waiting for the delivery cart to drop off my shiny new purchase. I’ve plumped for the Premium Zombi U bundle, and no doubt this will be supplemented with New Super Mario Bros. U and Assassin’s Creed III at some point.

In the meantime though, I need to free up a bit of cash to pay for the damn thing. Time to have a bit of a games clearout – expect to see a few more games topple off The Mantelpiece over the next month as I feverishly work through my backlog in order to ship my old games off to the grasping hands of Mr. Ebay.

Yours in feverish anticipation,

Lucius Merriweather