Wii U is not for Mii

Present Day

I would love to give an impression, a glowing review, an unashamed love letter to the Wii U.  Unfortunately that is not possible. For almost 48 hours I have owned Nintendo’s brand spanking new console.  I have played it for around two of those.  Not for lack of wanting of course but the fates had other ideas, including the massive firmware update and a hardware failure that rendered the machine unplayable for more than 5 minutes at a time before it would shut itself down.  In its defence when it did so I was left with a rather cool discotheque feel from the power LED blinking incessantly.

30 November 2012, 12 hours ago

After exchanging my first faulty system for a second one to what seemed like little surprised to the service assistant at EBGames, I was finding it a little hard to muster up the enthusiasm I had just over a day beforehand.  The second opening of the box is not as exciting as the first and the surprise at the incredible industrial design of the gamepad just didn’t cut it on encore.  And it was disappointment after disappointment, with NintendoID being locked to my old broken console I had no option but to bastardise my ‘gamertag’, and with that an inability to link my second NintendoID to my Club Nintendo account because of an arbitrary restriction.

29-30 November 2012, 40 hours ago

At the midnight launch at my local EBGames there were about 16 people , of which 13 were ponytails and 2 were girls.  But the excitement was anything but palpable.  There was a sense of peril in the air as people paid what was remaining on their preorder to pick up the much anticipated follow up to the runaway success-cum-dust collecting Wii.  Still I stood defiant in the face of rampant trepidation and remained giddy but contained for the launch of the Wii U.

 17 September 2012

I just preordered my Wii U and I can’t describe how excited I am….



    1. Nintendo was all I had left with regards to expecting integrity in hardware – so it is a shame in more than one regard. On the one hand I understand that as technology gets more complicated the likelihood of issues increase, but I have had to replace every console I have owned this generation. It’s almost enough for me to throw in the towel on the whole thing.

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