Australian FlagHAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!  It’s Australia Day down under and we Australians like a good celebration.  The First Fleet arrived in Australia on 26 January 1788 and marks the date of European settlement in this great nation.  Of course on the flip side of that it marks the beginning of a rather difficult period in the history of our indigenous Australians.

Historical atrocities aside though, Australia is a great country.  The thing about Australians is that we’re pretty low-key on the whole patriotism thing.  Okay sometimes our Prime Minister tells Eurozone leaders to ‘get their s#!t together‘, which to be honest is somewhat justified, but by in large we don’t feel it necessary as a group to tell the world how bloody amazing we are.

Australians are proud and patriotic, but subtly so.  In fact we are more likely to take the piss out of ourselves than to big-note our achievements.  Even in video games we have a hard time taking ourselves seriously.

The Adventures of Down Under Dan (1995)
The Adventures of Down Under Dan (1995) <Source:;

Patriotism takes many forms however, and there is of course more than one way to skin a cat as the United States of America is testament to.  A nation of great achievements, of global power and addictive culture – and Patriotic Pinball.  What better way to celebrate your nation with hitting a steel ball around a table?

Patriotic Pinball (2003)
Patriotic Pinball (2003) <Source:;

Blatant propaganda or endearing patriotism?  You decide!  Tell us your thoughts by leaving your comments below.  <Sir Gaulian>