On crap.

ToiletI really don’t enjoy mobile (or cell) phone games. You see there are times, believe it or not, where games just aren’t at the forefront of my mind.  Job interviews.  Exercising.  Telling people they are stupid and retarded and that it ‘just isn’t that hard’ at work.   And taking a crap.  These are just not times where I think I should be whipping it out and having a play.   Take the bathroom for example.  That three or four minutes at a maximum (and I mean maximum) I may have while relieving myself isn’t time I consider ‘leisure’, and so while it can get rather boring – what with all the contracting and expelling – it isn’t a time where I think “actually while I’m here I could go a spot of Kentucky Route Zero“.   I’m an in-and-out kind of guy in the bathroom and the prospect of spending anymore time in there than necessary makes me feel like less of a human-being and more of a monster.  We aren’t designed to enjoy the bathroom, and if you’ve ever seen your own face in the mirror while feeling the aftermath of a very large and meaty meal, you understand that.  And on hygiene grounds alone, surely we should be touching as little as possible on the way to the closest basin and anti-bacterial gel.  The phone is the last thing I want to be touching and rubbing.  Call me pedantic but I may have to put that thing up to my face at some point.

I guess mobile games are designed to fill in time I just don’t feel need to be filled by video games.  Or anything else for that matter.


  1. I don’t disagree, but even without being out and about or held up in my own bathroom, I really enjoy a lot of mobile games. Many of them are shallow, but they also harken to the pick up and play nature of a lot of older games from by gone eras of the NES and really the arcade.

    They are not always the type of game experiences I want, but it’s a nice break from the heavier stuff.

    1. And that is awesome. I absolutely see the merit in that. For me personally though, I never have a time where I feel I need to have a break from the heavy stuff, but feel the need to dive into another video game experience. I tend to fill that time with other things.

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