Grab your ‘Tuxado’ it’s wedding time


I cringed when I spotted this – I mean a game about Wedding Planning?  Those Germans do they ever rest in their quest to develop the PERFECT video game?   But wait I hear you say, give it a chance.  It may be a really great business simulator – the Football Manager that we can all relate to I hear you say.  You may be making important investment decisions, mediating cost conflicts with your suppliers and trying to navigate the poison chalice that is inflation and falling wages in a strained economy. Well  let me just tantalise your senses with a little description from the publisher:

Charlotte is thrown into business – her pregnant sister Mary must go preliminary [Sic] to hospital and she asks Charlotte to finish the wedding preparations for one of her clients.

With the help of Mary, Charlotte organizes the wedding. In the beginning Charlotte is asked to visit just three places (the rest was already done by Mary) and make proper decisions. Later on she decides to become a wedding planner herself.

In a role of the wedding planner Charlotte the player prepares lots of beautiful weddings. She will first meet the couples in her office, where the style of the wedding is defined. Then she needs to prepare the wedding – this includes visiting different places and people, like the printing office, the jewelry, the dressmaker, the florist … and much more! She will have to design a wedding invitation, dress up the bride and the groom, decorate and prepare the party.

In the grand finale, the wedding planner herself will become the bride. Finally she can design the wedding of her own dreams…

  • 3 wedding parts: preparations, wedding ceremony and wedding party
  • 25 different weddings
  • Story mode and free mode (accessible when story mode is over)
  • Business simulation combined with the topic every girl dreams about
  • Integrated love story (own marriage at the end)
  • Many different minigames integrated in the story (meeting the couple, invitation cards, rings, dress…)

Wow I hope her sister and the baby are okay (play this spin-off game and you find out exactly what happened to the sister, Mary).  But what a conundrum Charlotte has on her hands.  Not convinced?  I wasn’t either until I sought out the trailer.

Of course once you’ve planned the wedding, you should play the spiritual successor which allows you to actually play out the wedding reception.  Rule number 8: Be the life of the Party.