As far as licensed fare goes, this is pretty great

Licensed videogame toys can range from good to bad to ‘don’t open me I’m horribly collectable‘, and they only seem to be becoming more and more prevalent accompaniments to big game releases. Like their film counterparts, sometimes they even start to show up in stores well before the product on which they are based is a twinkle in the retailer’s bottom line, with the local EBGames retail chain selling Bioshock Infinite figurines seemingly eons before the internet had a collective orgasm over the game (including our very own Lucius Merriweather).

Me, I’ve never been particularly interested in the videogame toys. But browsing in the toy section of a nearby department store for My Little Pony figurines of all things (why no Applejack guys, she is clearly the best of the bunch, what with all the sass) I stumbled upon these little gems of Meccano sets based on the latest entry in the Gears of War series, Gears of War Judgement.


Pretty awesome, right? For mine Meccano was always the superior of the ‘build stuff’ toy genre and recreating some of the art assets from the brilliantly designed Gears of War universe is something I think I’d like to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon. And coming up to Winter I am sure there are a few of those on the way. Worth a purchase to put away for a rainy day? I think so.

Now back to the search for an Applejack figurine…