A brand of vigilante justice

jesterinteractiveIt is unbelievable how many developers always seem to be closing due to financial difficulties.  With so much riding on each title because of increasing production values, some developers and publishers are seemingly always  just one game away from financial ruin.

Jester Interactive was one such company, going into administration in 2003, before a brief return in 2007 under a new name.  The return seemed brief however with its last title, TT Superbikes Legends, hitting the Playstation 2 just over a year later.  It wasn’t enough, and while its unclear exactly what happened to the reincarnated Jester Interactive Publishing Limited, it seems that the developer-publisher hit financial trouble and folded once again.

Well apparently if its Wikipedia entry is to be believed Jester still had some outstanding financial liabilities in the form of unpaid work for art assets.  Not willing to sit down and let their hard work go unpaid, this ‘creditor’ has taken to Wikipedia to make it known of this outstanding debt, namely for his work on the 2007 titles TT Superbikes for the PS2.  The screen capture below is from the Wikipedia entry for Jester Interactive.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.27.21 PM