30 Years of Video games – SKULL (1984)

I’m waving goodbye to my 20′s and to celebrate I’m counting down 30 games from the last 30 years.  Join me while I countdown 30 great years of game memories.

1984 – SKULL

Skull for the Commodore 64 is my earliest memory of masochistic game design.  It also happens to be the game that has the honour of being the first video game to give me nightmares.  Congratulations.  Years of sleepless nights, tears and bed wetting are on you.

Played from a first person perspective the game has you navigating a series of increasingly difficult wireframe mazes in pursuit of treasure.  While it is simple in concept  the game mixes things up by progressively rolling up your map, forcing you to rely on your memory to stay alive.  It is an interesting game mechanic that I haven’t really seen since and in all likelihood will never see again.

I should mention that while navigating these increasingly more complicated mazes you’re being pursued by Skulls.  Really big Skulls.  Really big mean skulls that result in death if they touch you.

Skull. Survival horror at its purest.


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