30 Years of Video Games – Murder (1990)

I’m waving goodbye to my 20′s and to celebrate I’m counting down 30 games from the last 30 years.  Join me while I countdown 30 great years of game memories.


It’s 1990 and the world is swept up in murder investigation fever as fan favourite Law and Order series begins its run and Clue Jr is released capturing the hearts and minds of budding young investigators everywhere.  The video game world got in on the act too with the release of US Gold’s rather stylish detective adventure game Murder on the Amiga 500.

The game kicks of with the scream as you are thrust into the middle of a 1940’s murder mystery tasked with solving the grisly crime. Played from an isometric perspective the game manages to pull the era off superbly with black and white graphics and beautifully detailed graphics that perfectly recreate a manion of the period.  But sightseeing isn’t on the agenda as you work against the clock interviewing suspects, collect evidence, dust for fingerprints and put together a case to bring the perpetrator to justice.  Murder was a unique take on the adventure game genre that hasn’t been successfully replicated (to my knowledge at least) since.  Everyone loves a classic whodunnit and Murder delivers that in spades.

Now was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick?  Or Miss Scarlett with the dagger in the cellar?


Have a favourite game from 1990?  Tell us in the comments below.  Don’t forget to come back soon for the next game in our countdown.  Miss a year?  Catch up below.

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