Xbox One launch: highs and lows

Sir Gaulian’s experience of the Xbox One launch was underwhelming to say the least: only a handful of people turned up for what sounds like a mostly joyless and slightly militaristic midnight launch in Canberra. Having said that, it sounds like the launch went off with more of a bang in Sydney, and London was looking pretty lively too. I happened to be walking through Leicester Square last night, and I was surprised to come across an enormous green ‘X’ dominating the centre of the square, complete with a DJ nesting beneath it.

Xbox One launch 1

Dotted around were a few gladiators too, presumably to promote the launch of Ryse: Son of Rome (a game that, from the sounds of the reviews, will quickly be heading to bargain bins). They must have been bloody cold in those little skirts, but they gamely mugged for photos with the general public.

Xbox One launch 2

So much for central London, but things were a little less glamourous on the outskirts. I popped into Sainsbury’s in Walthamstow earlier today, where I spotted this heart-rendingly tragic Xbox One display. In case you haven’t spotted it, the Xbox One is that half-trampled cardboard thing on the floor.

Xbox One launch 3