Dream Games – Persona x Ouran High School Host Club

PersonaTarotI’m not afraid to admit that Ouran High School Host Club is not only one of the greatest anime series of all time, but perhaps even one of the greatest television series ever.  Based on the manga of the same name it tells the tale of lower middle class scholarship student, Haruhi Fujioka, who is forced to masquerade as a male host to pay a debt owed resulting from a smashed antique vase. Her male host cohorts are rich, vain, good-looking, and (at times) painful; seemingly unaware of the vicissitudes of life outside the walls of the very exclusive Ouran High School.  It all sounds a bit silly, and it is, but amongst the frivolity are some surprisingly heartwarming moments driven by some deceptively deep characters.  Dating sim, visual novel, adventure game – with great characters and clever writing, it is a series that is ripe for video game pickings.

But behind the helm of a creative mind it could be something more than just your standard licensed fare.  Imagine the characters of the Host Club being put in extraordinary circumstances.  Ordinary High School kids forced to grow within and together in order to survive, I don’t know, say a demon invasion.  And all while keeping their host club up and running and building their own personal relationships.

If that sounds familiar its because that’s pretty much every Persona game ever made.  And what could be better than a fish out of water story than one where characters from more than one universe are forced to work together.  Imagine the quiet and reserved playable character from Persona 3 interacting with the flamboyant leader of the Host Club Tamaki Suoh.  This is a game that is too good to not be made.