Dream Games – Space Marine 2: The Fall and Rise of Titus

spacemarineRelic’s Warhammer 40K: Space Marine is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.  I acknowledge that it isn’t the deepest and most polished third person shooter of all time, but for me it made my imagination run wild and spurred an interested in that universe that hasn’t abated since I first played the game in 2011.  But if you played the game you’ll know that it ended on a not too-friendly cliffhanger, that if left unresolved, will likely itch at players for some time to come (in a last episode of Press Gang did she or didn’t she escape the fire kind of way.)  Which is why there is almost no game I’d like more to see announced (sooner rather than later) than Space Marine 2.

In fact I wanted the game so much that I wrote an April Fools press release in an email to a fellow Space Marine tragic years in an attempt to trick him that the sequel had been announced (and spoilers for the first game are below):

Relic Announces Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 – the Fall and Rise of Captain Titus

Relic has announced that it is working on a direct sequel to its 2011 action adventure.  Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 – The Rise and Fall of Titus is scheduled to be shown at E3 2014 in June.  The game’s director has said that “fans will be surprised by how the game both stays true to the adrenaline-fuelled action of the original, while incorporating new gameplay mechanics that take the story forward in unexpected ways”.

 “The future of one of mankind’s greatest heroes is in your hands.”  After preventing an Ork victory on Graia in the events of Space Marine, Ultramarine Captain Titus is being by  tried by the Imperium for corruption and conspiring with the powers of Chaos.  It’s up to you to prove his innocence and continue Man’s war against the forces that conspire to destroy them.  In a first for the Warhammer 40,000 series you take the role of  Inquisitor Thrax, as you take to an open world universe to collect evidence, interview witnesses and retrace Captain Titus’ determined to prove his innocence in a branching storyline.  

And for the first time in the series you will swap between characters as you once take control of Captain Titus.  As the investigation into his crimes progresses, you will relive some of Captain Titus’ greatest victories against mankind’s enemies through his own eyes.

Space Marine 2: The Fall and Rise of Captain Titus is coming to next generation consoles and PC early 2015.

It worked, and while it was funny for a while, all it really did was make me lament more at  the already apparent realisation that we probably will never see what happens to Captain Titus. And that is a real shame.  An LA Noir inspired adventure game put over the top of the trademark shooter/melee gameplay that made the first game so great sounds just peachy.  In absence of that game though, at least I’ll have the memories of mucking about with a good mate over something that we got into way more than any late twenty-somethings should have.