Writing about Record of Lodoss War

Another of my articles for Kotaku UK went up over the weekend – The Dungeons and Dragons Session that Became a Real-Life Phenomenon. A few people have been complaining about the ‘click-baity’ title – in my defence I should say that my original title was “The DnD session that became a Japanese phenomenon”, but one of the eds at Kotaku must have changed it. It could have been worse of course – as Luke Young points out in the comments, the properly click-baity title would have been: “One group of friends sat down to play Dungeons and Dragons, you wouldn’t believe what happened next!”

Anyway, controversial title aside, I was pleased with how the article turned out. It was fairly tricky to write seeing as most of the info available was in Japanese, with just the odd English site here and there. Huge thanks goes out to Jessica Vincent of Eiyuu Kishi Den, who gave me some invaluable information about the Lodoss War role-playing scene.

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