My name is Jacob. And today I die.

StateofDecay_Boxart_XB1Tales from State of Decay.

My name is Jacob, and today is the day I die.

Huddled cold in a public restroom, cold, tired and bleeding, waiting for my inevitable end.  It’s dark outside and I can’t see a thing.  But  I can hear them, scratching. They’re at the door.  They know I’m in here.  It’s just a matter of time until they break through.

“It’s a simple run up to Mt Tanner and back”, my sister Lily said.  And it was, should’ve taken five minutes. But how was I to know they’d have taken over?  That they’d be there, waiting?  It was an infestation.  If only I’d known, I’d have brought Alan along.  He’s a wanker, sure, but he’s good with a gun.  I could use that right about now.

I’d only taken a step into the Ranger Station before they swamped me, the decaying flesh on their hands tearing off as they grabbed at my arms.  There were hundreds of them in there, or at least it seemed like there were, and I didn’t stand a chance.  I had to get out of there.  I took a few down, swinging my axe, blood splatting everywhere.  But who was I kidding?   I’m not an idiot.  I couldn’t fight them all.

So I ran.  I ran until I was out of breath. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore, and until I sure as hell couldn’t fight anymore.  Just carrying the axe is starting to feel as heavy as lead, let alone swinging the thing at one of their ugly heads.

There was only one option.  I had to find somewhere to hide. I had to find shelter.

And that’s how i ended up in here, trapped.

It’s a shame it had to end this way.  Alone, huddled in a female public bathroom, of all places.  If Lily were here she’d be laughing.  “You’ve got yourself in a shit situation” she’d say.  And we’d be laughing.  How we’d laugh.

I wish she was here.

She’s not.  But they are.  And they’re at the door.  Banging at the door.

I’m exhausted but I’m not scared anymore.

I was Jacob, and today I died.