Konami – you were so good

My latest Kotaku UK article is up – this time it’s a look back at all the games that made Konami great, seeing as all the indications are that they might stop supporting consoles:

RIP Konami Console Games 1983-2015

I should point out that the slightly melodramatic title was the doing of the Kotaku UK eds, although I quite like it – it sums up the grief and annoyance that I and many others feel that Konami no longer seem to be bothered about continuing their beloved franchises. Or coming up with new franchises, for that matter – one thing that struck me when compiling my list was that Konami’s last original franchise of note was the Boktai series, which made its debut back in 2003.

Rakuga Kids was sauce-some. See what I did there?
Rakuga Kids was sauce-some. See what I did there?

There were a few games I’d almost forgotten about, too. Rakuga Kids on the N64 was one – although it will never be regarded as a classic beat ’em up, it was packed full of great characters and I have fond memories of playing it against my little sister.

I also managed to squeeze in a reference to Nine to Five – which was also the last film we covered for 101 Films. And speaking of 1o1 Films, hopefully we’ll have some new podcasts up soon if we can finally get our arses in gear after a lengthy hiatus!