Every Star Wars Game Ever, or: How I Ended Up Writing A Never-Ending Article

Here was the pitch I made for the Star Wars article I just wrote for Kotaku UK:

Every Star Wars game ever, from worst to best

Exactly what it says, complete with many, many snarky comments. Particularly about Star Wars Kinect.

It seemed a simple enough pitch, an article that would involve a fun stroll down memory lane in a similar way to the ‘best of Konami’ article I wrote a while back. Unfortunately, when I made the pitch, I hadn’t quite realised just how many Star Wars games there are…

Despite excluding handheld games, mobile games, browser games, pinball and ‘edutainment’ games, my list still featured around 70 titles, all of which needed pics or videos, and all of which needed to be reviewed and rated. It took FOREVER.


Still, it was quite fun to write it up, and I even came across one or two Star Wars games I’d never even heard of before – the ‘strap-on’ Star Wars Millennium Falcon CD-Rom Playset springs to mind as a particularly weird and obscure one.

Inevitably, I got a couple of details wrong, as readers were more than happy to point out in the comments (it turns out that World of Warcraft came out the year after Star Wars Galaxies, not just before, which is how I remembered it), but all in all I’m pleased with the result. See what you think for yourself:

Every Star Wars Game Ever, From Worst to Best