Pokémon Go is glitchy as hell right now

For pretty much the entirety of yesterday afternoon I was locked out of Pokémon Go thanks to server problems. Every time I tried to log in, I was hit with the ‘Unable to authenticate’ error message, and it didn’t resolve itself until the evening. It’s pretty frustrating, and the lack of updates from the developer is also annoying. It’s hardly the first time it’s happened.

Not only that, it seems my version of the game is afflicted by a fairly common bug – the three-step glitch – which means that all of the Pokémon are shown as three steps away. This makes tracking them basically impossible.

Apparently all of the local Pokémon are three steps away – but nearer Pokémon should have fewer steps underneath them.

I’m sure that these glitches and server issues will be fixed fairly quickly, but I’d appreciate some updates and assurances from Niantic in the meantime. It’s been a pretty rocky start for Pokémon Go in terms of stability issues, but the fact that people are persevering in spite of this shows the strength of the game’s appeal. The below tweet from Kotaku UK editor Keza MacDonald pretty much sums up the situation.