Quick Offload: chuck another T-Bone on the barbie

t-boneI’ve made no secret of my completely out-of-control love for 2014’s Watch Dogs. I think it’s tops. The art, the social commentary, the meta-ness of it all – just thinking about it makes me want to invade virtual Chicago’s privacy all over again.

And you know what? I even quite liked Aiden Pearce. He was brooding, sure, but understandably so. We all get the shits when we’ve have a bad day at work – well try being sort of responsible for the death of your niece. Yeah. You’d be rocking in the corner while the sound of daytime TV plays in the background, quite frankly. Heartless pricks.

But if I had to pick, I’d say the game’s expansion Bad Blood is the best that game got. Not just because it was a sampler of all the best things about Watch Dogs with peak-ier peaks. Not just because its writing makes Aiden Pearce into something of a demigod, which is hilarious. But because Pearce associate and cTOS old boy Raymond “T-Bone” Kenny is a bloody fantastic character. Sure he may look like a complete and utter twat, but once you get past the dreads and the septum piercing, there’s a lot to love about the hippie x hacker.

And I’ll admit that I had a bit of an EXO fan-girl moment when T-Bone makes an appearance in the latest story trailer for Watch Dogs 2. “You’re talking to Blume public enemy number one, son”. Shivers, mate. Shivers.

Now fingers and hobbit-like toes crossed Aiden Pearce makes an appearance.


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