Video game-themed board games

I pitched an article on board games based on video games months and months ago, but it’s only just been published on Eurogamer. It turned out to be a much bigger undertaking than I thought.

My confused face sums up XCOM The Board Game.


My initial idea was to do a round up of all of the video-game-themed board games on the market, but a bit of reasearch revealed that there are far more of them than I realised – the board game scene really has exploded in recent years. So I revised my goals, and instead decided to pick just a handful of the more well known ones. But even this proved tricky.

The trouble with board games is that you need a group of people to play them with, as well as someone who knows the rules, not to mention a full evening or two spare to play them thoroughly. As hyou’ll see in the article, fulfilling these criteria wasn’t always easy:

Video games remade in cardboard

I ended up reviewing three games in the end – XCOM, Street Fighter II and The Witcher – but there are plenty more that I could have done, like the Civilization and Portal board games. Hopefully I can cover them in a follow-up article…