Anyone remember Silent Bomber?

7169_frontIt turns out quite a few people do, judging by the comments on the story I wrote for Kotaku UK: Silent Bomber: A Forgotten PlayStation Classic

I’m surprised so many people remember it, to be honest. It sold less than 75,000 copies worldwide, and I’ve hardly heard anything about it since its release back in 1999. But it seems it was cherished by the few people who got to play it – and it really is a cracking game.

CyberConnect2 went on to develop the Naruto games and lately they’ve been working on the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Meanwhile Silent Bomber has only resurfaced once, being released on PSN in Japan a few years back. No sign of a rerelease over here, but we live in hope. And seeing the positive response from readers of the above article, a European PSN release would probably be well received.

It seems unlikely that CyberConnect2 will ever make a sequel to the excellent but chronically under-selling Silent Bomber. But I thought I’d send them a tweet, just to check.


And if you want to see the game make a return, I suggest you do the same.



  1. I was googling Silent Bomber and happened upon a Kotaku piece on it… I didn’t realise it was written by you till I saw your byline at the bottom! What a wonderful coincidence. Not to mention a fantastic write up on a really interesting, fun game. Love the trivia about Jordan’s role in the marketing, and CyberConnect2’s prior work (you just couldn’t make that stuff up, honestly).

    As for Silent Bomber itself, it’s a lot of fun. I’m a sucker for a good action game, and the story elements are amusing without dragging on too long. I’m right at the end but seriously struggling with the final boss. The chess board section is tough, and then you have the final boss himself. I can manage the chess board section without TOO much trouble but the boss.that follows is too much! I’m a sadist but severely tempted to walk away.

    1. Aw man, that final boss is NOT fun. I stuck with it back in the day because I prided myself on finishing everything, but I don’t think I’d have the patience for it now. It’s by far the most frustrating fight in the whole game, redeemed only by some wonderfully trippy imagery towards the end.

      Glad you liked the article 😉

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