I can’t bring myself to watch E3 presentations

I tried watching EA’s presentation last night. Two times.

The first time I tuned in, it happened to be at a point when some slick, corporate, man facsimile was beaming scarily down the camera and unblinkingly informing me how wonderful something was. I couldn’t even stay watching long enough to find out what that thing actually was, I just had to turn it off instantly. It was like some reflex reaction to corporate bullshit.

I tried to watch again a bit later. I tuned in at a part where a load of YouTube shouty people were running around killing each other in Star Wars Battlefront II, while some commentator pretended he was excited about it. It wasn’t so much revulsion I felt this time, more boredom at the inanity of it all. I reached for the off button.

Frankly, E3 presentations are painful to watch. The announcements may be exciting, but the intense business speak and faltering delivery are excruciating. As Polygon points out, it would be better to leave the whole thing to professional actors rather than fumbling middle managers.

Nintendo seem to be the only company that can provide a presentation worth watching. They do us all a favour by eschewing wonky stage presentations and instead providing slick videos with a healthy dose of fun – like the wonderfully entertaining 2015 Digital Event.

Until games companies all follow Nintendo’s format, I shall be excusing myself from any further dire E3 live streams. But I shall be certainly following all E3 news with an excited eye.