My E3 cheers and boos so far

Well, the first day of Nintendo Christmas has come and gone, and as usual there were some disappointments, but overall this has been a solid E3 for Nintendo fans so far.odyssy

First off, the cheers:

  • There have been two big 180s for me in the past two days. The first was Super Mario Odyssey, which I haven’t been that excited about as I’ve mentioned before. But the ability to possess objects and enemies immediately opens up tons of gameplay possibilities, and the examples they showed (a Bullet Bill, a dinosaur, and even inanimate objects like springy posts you can use to catapult yourself) already make the game feel like a ton of fun. The exploration also looks more fun than the previous, more mission-based Mario games.
  • The second 180 for me was Mario + Rabbids. The game was leaked awhile back, and it sounded pretty iffy. I like the anarchic Rabbids in general, but I wasn’t looking forward to even more Mario & Luigi type RPGs. It turns out the game is actually in the vein of the XCOM games, which I haven’t really played, but looks like a great change of pace. The Rabbids humor looks like it’s meshing really well with the Mushroom Kingdom, and although it’s disappointing there only seem to be 8 characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi and their Rabbids counterparts) it looks like Ubisoft has successfully captured the feel of the Mario games, which is great to see.
  • The remake of Metroid II looks fantastic. It’s a tad bit disappointing it’s not a new entry, but the remake of the original Metroid (i.e. Metroid Zero) was great, so I have high expectations for this remake as well. Developer MercurySteam has worked on plenty of Castlevania games, and from the footage they’ve shown it looks like they’re doing a great job.


As for the boos, they’re actually not really boos, but more like mild crotchety complaints from an old geezer rather than big thumbs down. They are:

  • At the top of my list, just because I’m so hyped for the game in general, it was great to see more of Fire Emblem Warriors, but I was really disappointed that they only showed footage of swordfighters. This makes sense from a game standpoint since they’re showing the beginning of the game and it probably eases the players into all the general Warriors mechanics before diving deeper into the more-complex, FE Warriors specific mechanics, but this has the upshot of making the game look like a generic Warriors game. The developers reassured the audience that the game will feature plenty of characters, and many types other than swordfighters, but would it have killed them to show at least one mage or pegasus rider? I just hope they’re saving these reveals for the other days. We have a strong hint that Tiki, a dragon, is playable in the game as they revealed an Amiibo for her, and it would’ve been awesome to have seen some footage of her.
  • I’m kind of annoyed at announcements of games that are just “this game is being developed” with zero info. In Nintendo’s case there were two big reveals that were just that: Metroid Prime 4 and a mainline Pokemon game for Switch. I can understand why companies want to build the hype for projects that will take a long time to be released, but even a bit of concept art or, well, basically anything, would be better than just a completely bare announcement.
  • I’m fine with there being new Yoshi and Kirby games, except that I feel like Yoshi’s Woolly World was just released (it was released two years ago and its 3DS version was released just this past February), and I feel like Kirby has had plenty of games released (perhaps too many) in the past few years. To be fair, it’s been a while since a regular console Kirby game has been released, though. (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was also released in 2015 but had unique mechanics, whereas the more-traditional platformer Kirby’s Return to Dream Land was released in 2011 on Wii.) It’s disappointing that there are so many other great Nintendo IPs that continue to be neglected, like the Wario platformer series.
  • Lastly, Nintendo announced even more Amiibo than I was expecting, with at least a couple to accompany pretty much every new game they showed off, and they all look great. The downside… having to decide which ones I really have to have. Collecting just the Fire Emblem Amiibo is already hurting my wallet and my desk and shelf space, so this is just a personal twinge of regret rather than anything bad about the announcements themselves.

So that’s my brain dump for E3 so far. Two more days to go!


  1. I hear you about the amiibo. I’ve been collecting the Fire Emblem amiibo, along with the odd one or two from other series that catch my eye. But I’ve had a hard time trying to pre-order the Corrin amiibos already, and now suddenly there are loads more I MUST HAVE.

    Time to clear out some shelf space.

  2. The Metroid announcements had me. Metroid 2 was the one game that I wanted to play as a remake more than anything else. I used to have it for Gameboy, lost it and no idea where it went, but it was tough playing it on a game boy, in black and white. Didn’t like the music etc. I really thought it needed an overhaul. So i’m very happy we are getting this. As for MP4, yea it sucks there is no actual footage of it, and it will realistically be a long time until we see anything. But it was the best I could’ve hoped for. And I think Nintendo needed to do this. As good as the Switch is and it’s hardware, I think Nintendo needed to reaffirm that “hey, don’t worry guys, we’ll give you what we want and we aren’t going to F this up”. I think fans have generally responded well to this. I wanted a Switch, but couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind, what if i don’t get these games I want again for another generation of Nintendo consoles? But now I have absolutely no fear, which makes me really happy.

    And yes, Mario Odyssey has me sold even more. I thought it looked cool initially, but seeing the new trailers and game play, it’s completely transformed my impression of the game. Hell, even my wife is excited for it and she doesn’t even game. Happy it comes out a day before my birthday 🙂

    1. Looks like you liked the announcements as much as I did. 😉 Mario Odyssey and MP4 have a lot of hype to live up to, but if anyone can fulfill it, it’s Nintendo.

      1. No doubt, I’m excited to that Metroid prime 4 will have a new developer behind it. I love retro studios but it will be nice to see a new team take it on.

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