A Quick Byte: The Fall

603874316Not to be confused with other “Fall” games, like Black: The Fall, or apparently another completely unrelated game also called The Fall, this particular The Fall is more of a point and click adventure…sort of. The Fall is the fascinating story of a mysterious person future soldier who has crash landed on a mysterious planet. Mystery person seems to be injured and unconscious, so their fancy advanced battle suit’s AI takes over and begins its quest to find medical attention for its wounded user. The AI has full motor control over the suit, along with many other functions, though most of these are locked and/or damaged, to be opened again through future actions.


For the most part, this all plays out in the form of what is mostly reminiscent of a point and click adventure, though it controls like a side-scrolling action game and features some very rudimentary combat sequences. The controls are a little weird on a controller. This was originally a PC game, and the transition from mouse/keyboard to a controller is slightly awkward, though not so much as to make it difficult to play.


So the good news about this little game is that it has a well-written story that deals with some interesting concepts regarding the nature of consciousness and how AI fits into what we consider alive and sentient, and some good voice acting to go with the fascinating story. The puzzles are also cleverly designed, with some very unusual and unique solutions, but not so out there that they’re too hard to figure out.


The bad news is that it’s not at all clearly advertised as being only the first part of a three episode series, so it’s over rather quickly and leaves you dangling with a massive cliffhanger. This is exactly why I usually avoid these kinds of games until they’re complete, because I don’t have the patience for little bite-sized chunks with months or even years between them. This part has already been out for a few years now and so it looks like the 2nd part is supposedly coming out this year, but it will probably be several more years before we see the end.


Whether or not you’re willing to jump into an incomplete story with the end being so very far away, is up to you of course, but I can tell you this much: the first episode of The Fall was still an impressive and enjoyable game that made me very interested in seeing the whole story and it seems certain that it will be a worthwhile experience whether you decide to wait it out or dive in right now.