The worst video game trailer ever made

I’m really excited at the news that a Director’s Cut version of the amazing Super Turrican will be bundled with the Super Nt retro console (see Polygon for the full story). But I’m perplexed that they’ve announced it with the worst game trailer of all time.

It’s not that the game looks bad in the trailer – far from it. The glimpses of gameplay footage that you can actually make out look fantastic, and reminded me of what a brilliant game Turrican was. But it’s almost impossible to concentrate on the game because of the seizure-inducing flashing screen and rapid cuts between text and gameplay. Seriously, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY.

I could barely make it through the one-and-a-half minutes – it was literally hurting my eyes. I’m utterly amazed that someone made this and thought it was a good way to advertise a game…