UPDATED: An epic Elite Dangerous rescue beyond the edge of the galaxy

Through Twitter, I found out about an utterly crazy rescue mission in Elite Dangerous. CMDR Persera travelled 11 light years beyond the edge of the galaxy – further than anyone has gone before – but miscalculated how much fuel she had, and didn’t have enough to jump back to the nearest star. And it was all in an effort to drop off some souvenir mugs, believe it or not.

Now the Fuel Rats – Elite’s amazing emergency service, who I’ve written about before – are on a race to find CMDR Persera and refuel her ship before her life support runs out. It’s gripping stuff. I wrote up the story for PCGamesN, check it out:

Elite Dangerous players are trying to rescue a player stranded beyond the end of the galaxy

All going well, CMDR Persera should be rescued late on Christmas Eve. Godspeed you, plucky rescuers!


CMDR Persera made it back! Late on 23 December, earlier than forecast, CMDR Highwaywarrior, CMDR TheUnkn0wn1 and CMDR ABish made it to her location. More than 2,000 people watched the rescue live on Twitch. Check out the article for the full conclusion.

Image courtesy of CMDR Highwaywarrior, one of the rescue party.