The Monster Hunter Stories amiibo are amazing

I’m a bit of a Monster Hunter fan, as well as an amiibo nut, so I’ve been keen to get my hands on the amiibo that were released to coincide with Monster Hunter Stories on the 3DS. The only problem is that these amiibo are only available in Japan – presumably Capcom/Nintendo didn’t think they’d sell too well in Europe and the US. And seeing as Monster Hunter Stories apparently didn’t sell much outside Japan, that’s probably a reasonable call – around 0.5 million copies were shifted worldwide, with 0.35 million of those being sold in Japan.

Luckily, I spotted a deal on Play Asia that let me scoop up three of the six Monster Hunter Stories amiibo for £25, including shipping, which is a frankly brilliant deal. And they certainly haven’t disappointed. For a start, they’re impressively big, coming in special outsized boxes. And as ever with amiibo, they’re wonderfully detailed.

The Barioth is particularly cool. Love those huge fangs.

But my favourite has to be Dan riding a Qurupeco – just look at this impressive beast in all its red-throated glory.

Best of all, I discovered that you can detach the riders, so you have the option to just display the lovely monsters on their own if you like…

…or swap the riders around so everyone gets a turn on Qurupeco. What a brilliant touch.

Having seen how great these amiibo are, I’m now determined to complete the set by buying the remaining three. But unfortunately they’re all pretty expensive, coming in at around £18 each including shipping. I shall bide my time and wait for more bargains… But in the meantime, I should really buy the 3DS game to go along with these fantastic figurines.

[amazon_link asins=’B01HK5BT0W,B01N9O8OLB,B01I4FGW0E,B01NBR9DZB,B01HK5II7O,B06ZXRH9KJ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’mostagreeable-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’115329e2-ff62-11e7-b656-83c781ce09d8′]