The amazing games made in the UK

I spent absolutely AGES writing this article for Kotaku UK:

Which Games are Made in the UK?

It was my most bonkers undertaking since I agreed to review every single Star Wars game. But I’m glad I did it – I made dozens of surprising discoveries, like finding out that all of the Forza Horizon games are made in Leamington Spa, or that Battalion Wars for the GameCube and Wii was created in London by the same people who made House of the Dead: Overkill.

After starting to research which games are made in the UK, I quickly realised that there were far too many developers for me to cover in one article – and so I began the painstaking process of selecting which ones to feature. I decided to focus on the larger studios, only featuring a couple of particularly noted indie developers, and I ended up culling a few devs with less famous games. But even so, it was a huge effort to research and write – the whole thing took days.

I’m pretty proud of the result though, and it was great to write something really positive about the games industry, rather than some swipe at the latest ‘outcry’. There are some truly talented people out there making some really amazing games.

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