Monster Hunter Stories amiibo: Rathian and Cheval

I’m rather obsessed by Monster Hunter World at the moment, and as a consequence I just can’t get enough of all things Monster Hunter right now.

I picked up three of the six Monster Hunter Stories amiibo a little while back, and not long after that I bought the Monster Hunter Stories 3DS game to go with them. And now I have this awesome Rathian amiibo, too.

This is the character Cheval atop his pet Rathian (a monster known as Lioleia in Japanese). As with the other MHS amiibo, you can take the figure off and just display the Rathian on its own, or swap the riders to different monsters. What a great touch.

I find the pose a bit awkward here – Cheval is so hunched over you can barely see his face. I’m also not sure why the Rathian has such a stubby tail – this could be a game reference that I haven’t got to yet.

Anyway, these are minor quibbles – it’s still another beautifully detailed Monster Hunter amiibo, which have quickly become my favourites. And as an added bonus, the Japanese eBay seller threw in a complimentary Green Tea Kit-Kat. Oishii!

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