PlayStation 5? Noooooo, not yet!

Rumours are flying around that Sony has started sending out PlayStation 5 dev kits to developers, and some have even suggested that the PS5 will launch this year. A report by Kotaku reckons this is far too soon though – insiders they spoke to have suggested 2020 might be more likely for the debut of Sony’s next console.

And all I can say is nooooooooooo, not yet! Too soon! Even 2020 feels like it’s too near.

I actually don’t give a rat’s arse about upgrading to a more powerful console. I couldn’t care less. Thirty years ago it was different – the gap in processing power between the SNES and PlayStation 1, for example, was enormous, and the advent of 3D gaming was, if you’ll forgive the pun, a game-changer.

But nowadays the difference between console generations is much more subtle. I can barely tell the difference between PS3 and PS4 titles most of the time, and many of the indie games I like to play, such as Dandara and Axiom Verge, don’t require beefy CPUs anyway.

All I want is a box that I can play games on. I’ve built up a pretty big library of PS4 games, many of which I haven’t played yet, and there are still dozens and dozens of PS4 titles I’d like to get. I’m more than happy with the way things are.

What I don’t want is a new console that will suddenly sweep up all of the new games, eventually forcing me to shell out and upgrade if I want to play the latest titles. I only got my PS4 a year and a half ago, and already there’s talk of it being superseded. It feels ridiculous.

Hopefully Sony will make the PS5 backwards compatible with all PS4 games. Right now that’s the only thing I really want from the new system.


  1. Not gonna happen this year. 2020 MAYBE. The Pro has only been out a year and they’re still popping out new God of War special edition Pro consoles and such as we speak. And XOX is even newer. No, they can both get a ton of sales out of these still before they need to bother upgrading anything further.

  2. So I guess they decided to abandon the whole “upgrade” system that was the Pro? I don’t think people got as excited about that as they hoped. Like you said, it’s getting so the improvements are minuscule, & for most people (like myself) taking advantage of all the new features would require upgrading all my electronics. I don’t have a 4K TV, so why bother? I wonder if there will ever be a point where games are as “good” as their gonna get. I guess that depends on what “good” is defined by.

    1. Well I suppose it depends on what your standards for ‘good’ are – I don’t play that many AAA games, so for me most games are already good enough. I mean, the PS4 can easily throw out more than enough power for indie games. But having said that, I’ve lapped up the graphical heft of Monster Hunter World, and the game is better than previous entries partly because of that.

      Interesting point about the Pro – I wonder how that’s panned out for Sony? Will the Pro and Xbox One X just go down as quirky experiments?

      1. They’re not hurting for sales at all. Pro is supposedly making up something like 40% of their console sales lately.

        4K tv prices continue to become more and more affordable and regular HD TVs are already making their way to bargain bins. It’s not a fad, it’s not going away, and I’m pretty confident that just about everyone will end up eating their words when they finally catch up and try it for themselves.

      2. Well, I finally got a 1080 TV a couple of months ago, and I have to say it’s a big step up from 760. I imagine 4K must be even more impressive.

        40% of sales you say? That’s higher than I thought. So clearly there are plenty of people who want to upgrade.

  3. Sadly, what qualifies as gamings ‘Good as it Gets’ will continue to differ with different classes of gamer. For cod & FIFA/PES gits it’ll continue to be form over substance & for casuals it’ll continue to just be shitty in general (Hidden Objects… Growls) whereas, Lord C, bein a ‘True’ gamer, is still seekin the true glory of ‘The Story’ &/or ‘The Ideal’ but then again, C’s severely mentally broken, so what does he know!? Grins

  4. I don’t believe it will be released within this year, i see 2/20/2020 in my head for some reason lol. I think something big will happen on that day. Plus, judging by the fact that Playstation Pro is still selling well, and the whole 4K gaming/VR thing is working for sony right now, i think its too soon. When sales start to decline for the PSVR (which has already sold more then 3 million units since its release), i think thats when they will release the PS5. As far as your PS4 library, i am pretty sure the next system will be backwards compatible with PS4 disk, since sony’s biggest competitor is currently doing that (and i don’t think playstation had a backwards compatible system since PS2 if i am not mistaken.

    By Marvin Pearson

  5. I bought my PS4 last year. Took me that long to finally decide that yes, I WILL spend 400$ on a console. There were enough great games out by then to justify it.
    The PS5 coming out in a few years when the PS4 is just getting better quality games mirrors the switch from PS3 to 4. “The Last of Us” was the peak of PS3 potential as devs finally figured out how to use the console properly and then suddenly they get a bunch of new stuff thrown at them. Same here, just as we get games as beautifully crafted as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn, we can throw all the progress out the window and start from scratch with new consoles.
    I for one will not buy a PS5 at launch. I’ll wait until there’s enough games on it. I prefer more options than just “Knack”

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