PlayStation 5? Noooooo, not yet!

Rumours are flying around that Sony has started sending out PlayStation 5 dev kits to developers, and some have even suggested that the PS5 will launch this year. A report by Kotaku reckons this is far too soon though – insiders they spoke to have suggested 2020 might be more likely for the debut of Sony’s next console.

And all I can say is nooooooooooo, not yet! Too soon! Even 2020 feels like it’s too near.

I actually don’t give a rat’s arse about upgrading to a more powerful console. I couldn’t care less. Thirty years ago it was different – the gap in processing power between the SNES and PlayStation 1, for example, was enormous, and the advent of 3D gaming was, if you’ll forgive the pun, a game-changer.

But nowadays the difference between console generations is much more subtle. I can barely tell the difference between PS3 and PS4 titles most of the time, and many of the indie games I like to play, such as Dandara and Axiom Verge, don’t require beefy CPUs anyway.

All I want is a box that I can play games on. I’ve built up a pretty big library of PS4 games, many of which I haven’t played yet, and there are still dozens and dozens of PS4 titles I’d like to get. I’m more than happy with the way things are.

What I don’t want is a new console that will suddenly sweep up all of the new games, eventually forcing me to shell out and upgrade if I want to play the latest titles. I only got my PS4 a year and a half ago, and already there’s talk of it being superseded. It feels ridiculous.

Hopefully Sony will make the PS5 backwards compatible with all PS4 games. Right now that’s the only thing I really want from the new system.