First Impressions: The Light Keeps Us Safe

Once I’d gone through the rigmarole of getting my new gaming PC set up, I finally managed to use it for its destined purpose – doing game reviews. And Kotaku UK sent me Early Access code for The Light Keeps Us Safe, the latest game from Big Robot, makers of the acclaimed Sir, You Are Being Hunted and The Signal From Tolva.

And it was… Well, it’s probably better if I take your clammy hand and walk you through my first moments playing LiKUS, so you can experience it for yourself. Come on, that’s it, take my hand. Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you. That’s it. There.

We’re off! Now, click on this link ↓

The Light Keeps Us Safe — Not That There’s Much To Be Scared Of

Did you do it? Are you back?

Hold on, where have you gone? Oh there you are, don’t wander off like that! Look, I’ve got something to tell you, so just stand there and listen. Stop chewing. What is that? Did you find that in a bin? Spit it out! I don’t have a hanky, just spit it into my hand. Oh my god, what is that? I just don’t understand you sometimes.

Well, as I was saying, The Light Keeps Us Safe mostly involves looking in bins. Lots of them. As you’ve already discovered, you mucky urchin.

So yeah, not particularly great right now. But given time, this could turn out to be a corker. It’s just that in its current Early Access state, The Light Keeps Us Safe is a bit too… well, early.

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