Check out my article on Amiga Power in this month’s Retro Gamer

My favourite article this year. I loved that the art editor recreated the layout of the original Amiga Power.

I loved Amiga Power as a teenager. This magazine was full of incredibly inventive writing and was properly funny, to boot. In fact, it was a big part of the reason that I decided to become a writer myself.

Every page was packed with in jokes, like the way they kept doctoring people’s names and job titles in the list of contributors at the front. Reading it made you feel like part of a special club, which was reflected in the brilliant letters pages, one of the best parts of the magazine.

I pitched an article on the making of Amiga Power to Retro Gamer, and they readily agreed, although it proved tough to write – mostly because there was so much I wanted to put in. I interviewed loads of former AP staffers, like Cam Winstanley, Stuart Campbell and Jonathan Davies, and they had absolutely tons of genuinely brilliant stories. The feature ended up as six pages, but it could have easily been twice as long.

You can read it in issue 195 of Retro Gamer, which has just come out. And I’m amazed by the excellent job the art editor has done on the layout – they’ve recreated the format of Amiga Power itself, right down to the typeface for the page numbers. Superb stuff!