Read about the making of BITS in Retro Gamer 201

I used to love watching BITS when I was at university in the early 2000s. It was always on really late at night on Channel 4, and the mix of video games, dressing up and general anarchy was always a joy to behold. In many ways, it was the forerunner to the personality-led tomfoolery of today’s gaming YouTube channels.

I managed to get hold of the three presenters – Aleks Krotoski, Emily Booth and Emily Newton Dunn – for a six-page making of feature in Retro Gamer, and it was fascinating to hear about what happened behind the scenes. Particularly the fact that Emily ND was holding down a full-time job at the same time as presenting BITS, meaning she was working seven-day weeks for months at a time.

Peruse it for yourself in Retro Gamer issue 201 😉