The story behind the classic Amiga racing game Skidmarks

I used to love playing Skidmarks on the Amiga, and its sequel, Super Skidmarks, was even better. At the time the little cars looked phenomenal with their beautifully smooth 3D animation, and the tracks were brilliant fun thanks to all the crossroads and jumps. With four players, it was an absolute riot.

But the thing is, I hardly knew anything about the developer who made it: Acid Software. In fact, no one in the UK really did, and even now there is very little public information out there about this New Zealand software house, who were also behind the brilliant Guardian (think Defender but in 3D). So I was super keen to fill in a few gaps in gaming history – hence my six-page feature on Skidmarks and Super Skidmarks in Retro Gamer issue 205, featuring an interview with coder Chris Blackbourn.

I’m really proud of this feature – and hopefully it will be of interest to any Amiga fans out there!

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