Welcome to Abhik, our newest writer

I am absolutely delighted to welcome Abhik Hasnain to The Manor. Abhik is working on a series of fascinating opinion pieces, which will be appearing on A Most Agreeable Pastime over the months to come, and you may also see him popping up as a reviewer from time to time.

I asked Abhik to write a little bit about himself, and here’s what he said:

When I was 12, I trained a flock of crows in my area to gather on a certain roof when I clap loudly 3 times. I’m not even kidding. That happened. I fed them for 8 years every day. They knew me and I knew them. And I consider that to be an important part of my life. I’m also a self-proclaimed expert in training street dogs. Architectural photography makes me happy. Pat the Bunny is my favorite folk-punk artist. And I’m a to-be anthropologist with a focus on somaesthetics. I’m teaching myself how to make games- I can never forgive myself if I don’t. I also think a lot about sustainable living and urban design. And I’ve decided that 10-year-long career plans and grand revolutions are not good ways to sleep at night. They don’t help my friends stay alive.

I’ll be posting Abhik’s first piece of writing for AMAP very shortly, and I’m very excited by it. I’m sure you will enjoy reading his opinions as much as I will over the coming months. Welcome, Abhik!

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