I spoke to Jon Hare about the making of Wizkid

I absolutely adored Wizkid on the Amiga. It was an utterly bizarre game, full of absurd humour and unexpected shenanigans, like finding a creepy clown running a pawn shop inside a tree, or breaking out of a tortoise jail with a can opener. I love it so much I’ve even got a poster of Bob Wakelin’s brilliant cover art for Wizkid on my wall.

So I was absolutely delighted to finally get a chance to speak to Sensible Software’s Jon Hare about the making of Wizkid for the latest issue of Retro Gamer. At the very least, it gave me the opportunity to clear up a few longstanding mysteries surrounding the game, like who exactly is Dog Girl, and what the hell is the deal with that creepy clown?

The answers were illuminating to say the least – but you’ll have to read the magazine to find out more. Issue 217 should be hitting the shops on Thursday, or you can buy single issues from Magazines Direct.

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