I spoke to Violet Berlin for Retro Gamer

For the latest issue of Retro Gamer I interviewed former Bad Influence! presenter Violet Berlin, who I can confirm is a genuinely lovely person. We had a very long chat about her career, and it was fascinating to hear just how she got the job talking about video games on Bad Influence! – suffice to say, her career has had plenty of ups and downs. I was particularly amazed to find out it was none other than she who made the gunge on the early nineties children’s show Wac-a-day.

Nowadays, Violet has forged an enviable career creating digital exhibits for all sorts of museums and exhibitions, including the British Museum, yet she remains wonderfully self-effacing about all of her achievements. And she has so many stories! It’s a shame the feature was limited to six pages, because there are so many more things I could have included. Perhaps I’ll do a sequel one day…

You can find the interview in issue 221 of Retro Gamer, which goes on sale this week. You can order individual copies or subscribe at Magazines Direct.

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