I can’t believe they: Vigilante 8

…ported Vigilante 8 to the Gameboy Color


That’s right.  The rather excellent car combat game (that is secretly better than Twisted Metal) was ported from its native home on the Nintendo 64 and PS1, where it was incredibly accomplished technically, to the absolutely incapable Gameboy Color. Of course in the hands of the wonderful over-achievers at Vicarious Visions, who were also responsible for the brilliant Nintendo handheld incarnations of various Tony Hawk games, anything is possible and Vigilante 8 was a relatively successful scaled down port of its bigger brother console experiences.  It also marked the first time the ‘modern’ car-combat genre had made its way to a portable system.  A curio indeed.

Vigilante 8 (1998, Luxoflux Inc)
Vigilante 8 (1998, Luxoflux Inc)

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