The tenuous link between Mass Effect 3 and a Playstation launch title


Meet Clint Mansell, the man responsible for parts of the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.  And what a brilliant accomplishment that was – a perfectly paced mixture of atmospheric synth punctuated some of the more poignant parts of the storyline, with the track “Leaving Earth” a particular highlight.  Say what you will about Mass Effect 3, but the soundtrack is one aspect that surely cannot be criticised.

But Clint isn’t just your average video game composer.  Before he scored video games (and films for that matter*) Mr Mansell was a bit of a rockstar, forming part of the English alternative rock/dance/industrial band Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI).  Far from the lingering sounds that accompanied the player’s journey in Mass Effect 3, PWEI were seemingly influenced by every genre of music to develop their highly identifiable signature sound of high adrenaline electronic rock.

And it was with PWEI that Clint Mansell saw his first video game credit in the form of a track in the soundtrack for the early Sony Playstation (and Sega Saturn) title, Loaded.  And a better match could not be found, the fast paced, adrenaline fuelled sound of the PWEI track ‘Kick to Kill‘ fittingly accompanied the on screen carnage of what was easily the most violent games early on in the 32-bit era.

A far cry from his work on Mass Effect 3 indeed.  But it goes to show the scope and versatility of these musicians and artists.  Perhaps the next ThatGameCompany production will be scored by Lemmy Kilmister?

Loaded (Gremlin Interactive, 1994)
Loaded (Gremlin Interactive, 1994)

*On a note more fitting for my co-author’s other project,, Clint Mansell he also composed the soundtracks to the both The Wrestler and one of my favourite films of all time, Moon.


  1. I love Clint Mansell. I can’t hear or read his name without instantly getting “Cleaning Apartment” stuck in my head. Moon is one of my favorite films as well, and the soundtrack is incredible!

    1. It is brilliant, Moon I mean. I find his compositions for film oddly haunting. Definitely not the same feeling I get from his PWEI days!

  2. Great post! Interesting to see what he did after PWEI. Also great to be reminded of Loaded – I remember having loads of fun playing the demo of that game, although I never ended up buying it.

    1. Well worth it if you have a machine sitting around that can play it. Even the sequel is worth picking up for a fiver if you can find it. Mindless fun particularly co-op.

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