Not Kayla. But you get the idea.
Not Kayla. But you get the idea.

Kayla Mitchell died late on Tuesday night. She’d just managed to fight her way out of the Nursery after facing and defeating the horror that lurked in the basement, but she died tragically just feet from safety. Low on ammo and on health, she attempted to open a locked door between her and a manhole that led back to the protection of the safe house, but – ALAS! – as she struggled to get it open she was ambushed by four zombies and devoured.

Kayla was the longest surviving of the string of characters I’ve played since beginning ZombiU. I can’t remember exactly how long she lasted, but it was a good three or four hours, and losing her was a real blow. It’s weird how you get attached to the survivors – Kayla in particular spent most of the time absolutely terrified, almost sobbing every time a zombie shuffled into view. It made me want to protect her and see her through to the endgame. I didn’t do a very good job.

Now I’ve been given control of Dexter, a balding, tracksuited geezer with a profession I can’t even remember. His first task was to dispatch the now zombified Kayla. It was a sad moment.

It’s amazing how emotionally affecting ZombiU can be – it’s certainly the most affecting video game I can remember. It’s also by far the scariest, to the point where I simply can’t play it for more than an hour a time.

I’m getting towards the end, slowly. The Nursery was hard, and by far the scariest part of the game so far. Let’s see how Dexter gets on – maybe in time I’ll grow to like him as much as Kayla. Maybe he’ll even last to the end credits. Maybe.