Three Cheers for Nintendo!

Good old Nintendo. You may remember that a while back I had my Nintendo 3DS stolen, meaning I lost all of the games I’d downloaded, including the almost-completed Link’s Awakening. Well, I’ve since received the insurance money (which came out at just £100 owing to some sneaky terms and conditions – read the small print, kids!), and I bought myself a new 3DS a couple of weeks back. I got in touch with Nintendo to see whether I’d be able to download the games I’d lost again – after providing them with a copy of the police report, they said they’d be able to help me out, and lo and behold my lost games have since been restored to me! Hurrah!

My new 3DS is back in black.
My new 3DS is back in black.

Sadly, there’s nothing they could do about my game saves, which were lost with the machine, so I’ve been plonked right back at the beginning of Link’s Awakening. I was right near the end when the console was stolen, so I don’t really have the heart to play through it all again right now… Who knows though, I might get round to it some day.

On the other hand, I’ve already got struck right back into Crimson Shroud, which I nominated as one of my favourite games of 2012, so I’m REALLY pleased to have that back.

Nice one Nintendo.