Bioshock Infinite is Flippin’ Good

My lovely girlfriend bought me Bioshock Infinite as a surprise present the other day, and I’ve been happily exploring Columbia for the last couple of days. It’s an amazing game – the attention to detail is stunning, to the point where I’ve been dawdling through most areas just to eavesdrop on the citizens’ conversations and read all of the posters.

One thing I was particularly pleased to discover is that the cover is reversible, so you can flip over the slightly disappointing emo Nathan Drake-alike cover:

To reveal a magnificent Victorian steam punk alternative:

It’s a great idea – why don’t all games do this? Of course, I switched mine to the Victoriana version immediately.



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2 responses to “Bioshock Infinite is Flippin’ Good

  1. I finished it last night- It’s terrific! Probably the most ambitious and compelling game I’ve ever played.


  2. Oh so jealous. Soon. Soooooon! That other cover is fabulous.


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