Primal Rage’s scaleable logo

Primal Rage is pretty awesome.  I admit that it’s not the deepest, most playable, best designed, best looking, best sounding game in the world.  It’s not even really that great of a fighting game when all is said and done.  But that doesn’t stop me from having a bit of a laugh from loving it.  I would even go as far as to say that  Primal Rage 2 is the unreleased game I want to play the most.

Primal Rage came at the height of 2D fighters in arcades and was, next to Mortal Kombat II, the game everyone lined up to play at arcades. Then came the home releases.  All of the home releases.  Super Nintendo, Mega Drive,  Jaguar, Game Boy, Game Gear, 3DO, Saturn, Sega 32X, Amiga, PC and PS1 all saw official ports of Primal Rage.  People loved their Primal Rage.  And why wouldn’t you, dinosaurs are cool.

The beauty of the Primal Rage logo really though is that it is so easily adapted for the ports that saw characters omitted from the roster.  While some consoles saw the complete arcade versions of the game, like ports of other fighting games in the past characters had to be omitted in the Game Boy and Game Gear versions to cater to the vastly the inferior technology.  Of course to avoid false advertising the logo was amended accordingly.

The original Primal Rage logo (L-R): Talon, Sauron, Chaos, Armadon, Diablo, Blizzard, Vertigo


The Game Boy logo: Excludes Vertigo

Primal Rage GB Logo

And for the record the Game Boy version was awesome even with the reduced roster.  Honestly, who cared about the voodoo-themed Vertigo anyway?  Consider me a conspiracy theorist, but tell me that the logo doesn’t look better without Vertigo tacked onto the end anyway.

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