Happy Amiibo Day!

The next wave of amiibos is released today, and look what was waiting for me in the post box…

IMG_2356 - CopyIke will now be joining Marth on the fireplace as my collection of Fire Emblem-related amiibos grows steadily larger. I’ve pre-ordered Lucina and Robin too (although they won’t be out until April), and I’m hoping that Nintendo release a few more Fire Emblem-themed ones to coincide with the upcoming game, although who knows when that will come out. Sir Gaulian’s amiibo Achilles heel is Warioware, and I reckon Fire Emblem is mine (and possibly Pikmin). Oh, and I pre-ordered Toad as well. I mean, come on, it’s Toad!

IMG_2360 - CopyOne thing I’m confused about is why each amiibo comes with an instruction booklet. The gist of these ‘instructions’ is essentially ‘don’t eat amiibos, and don’t put them next to a fire’. Surely that’s just common sense? There clearly must be a legal obligation to include these pointless booklets (which are written in about a dozen different languages), or else Nintendo is being extremely careful about not being sued.

"Don't eat amiibos. Don't set amiibos on fire. Don't punch yourself in the head."
“Don’t eat amiibos. Don’t set amiibos on fire. Don’t punch yourself in the head.”