My Yarn Yoshi obsession

OK, so I think I’m getting a bit obsessed with obtaining a Yarn Yoshi amiibo. Tantalisingly, GAME have uploaded pictures of said amiibo, and yet there’s no option to pre-order. Have they gone already? Am I too late? If not, when do the pre-orders start? Why am I so obsessed with a woolly plastic toy?

Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

And I’m not alone in my thinking – just take a look at these crazed Yarn Yoshi hunters tweeting Nintendo. There’s a lot of love in the room for that woolly figurine. Not to mention a lot of crazy fan desperation.

Now excuse me while I continue to scour the internet for clues as to when pre-orders will start.




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4 responses to “My Yarn Yoshi obsession

  1. So it is ACTUAL yarn, then? That is a bit special.

    Do you think the amiibo has long legs? How deep into the Nintendo roster can this go?

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    • lewispackwood

      How deep is a rabbit hole? There’s still plenty of IP they could plunder for amiibo figures, but people may find themselves running out of shelf space before long…


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