Has the Yarn Yoshi dream already crumbled?

Regular readers will already be familiar with my current obsession of obtaining a Yarn Yoshi amiibo. Sadly, that dream seems further away than ever this afternoon – I just learned that preorders for Yoshi’s Woolly World – including a Yarn Yoshi amiibo – went up on Zavvi’s site on Saturday and sold out almost immediately. Currently, GAME and Zavvi are the only UK websites offering the Yarn Yoshi amiibos for sale, and it appears that both have already sold out.

It seems there are plenty of people in the UK who are just as desperate as I am to get their hands on one of these woolly wonders.

So, I suppose the only option now is to wait for preorders to come up on another retailer, like ShopTo or Amazon, and hope they don’t sell out immediately. It’s not looking good though – apparently they went on sale on Amazon’s German site a few days ago and sold out within 15 minutes.

15 minutes! Flippin’ ‘eck.

So perhaps my best option is just to convince myself I never really wanted one of these adorable Yoshi amiibos anyway. I mean, I’ve already got Toad, Link, Marth and Ike, with Robin, Lucina and Ganondorf on the way – the living room is beginning to resemble a toy shop as it is.

But then again, Toad’s looking awfully lonely over there next to the Wii U. He could really do with a woolly companion of some kind…

I suppose I could get one of these as an alternative. It's not quite the same though.
I suppose I could get one of these as an alternative. It’s not quite the same though.