Why I Love Resident Evil (in one simple gif)

A couple of days ago I wrote about how it’s Resident Evil’s characters that make it so damned special; and how Resident Evil 6 is just one fantastical way to pack in as many of them from the game’s history as possible. It’s no secret that Leon and Chris have their own rather lengthy seperate campaigns in the game, but that doesn’t make the moment their paths cross over any less great. The fact that it’s the enigmatic Ada Wong that causes them to have respective guns pointed at respective heads makes it just that much more – well – fan service-y.

“Welcome to 2012”.

Now I’m all caught up with the series it’s time to look ahead to Resident Evil 7. And Only time will tell if Capcom can bring this level of exuberance and ridiculousness to its more sensible-looking sequel. It’d be a shame if they leave this legacy behind – even if it is mad as a cut snake.




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3 responses to “Why I Love Resident Evil (in one simple gif)

  1. I love resident evil, the series, but I found 6 hard to love. After the extremely loveable RE4 and RE5, I should not be too surprised but even so it was a let down.


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