J.B. Harold: the multi-million selling series you’ve never heard of

A while back, I was curious as to which games have sold the most overall, so I found myself browsing through a list of the best-selling titles of all time. It included the usual suspects – Super Mario, Call of Duty, etc. – but one name jumped out at me: J.B. Harold.


I’d never heard of the J.B. Harold series of adventure games before, despite the fact that they’ve supposedly sold 20 million copies. But it’s hardly surprising that I’ve never heard of them, as the games never made it to Europe, despite their popularity in Japan and their western setting. The first game has been ported to everything from the Turbografx-CD to the Nintendo DS to the iPhone, yet it still hasn’t been released in my home country.

I wrote about the series for Kotaku UK, and it was particularly interesting to join up the connections between this game and Dragon Quest, Hideo Kojima and Level-5. You can read the article by clicking the link below:

The 20-Million-Selling Game Series You’ve Never Heard Of


  1. Great article. That’s the first I’ve heard of J. B. Harold. It’s especially weird that none of the games have released in Europe with the history of detective/adventure style games doing well here. Did the developers/publishers just not have the clout or the resources to do it? Or perhaps the U.S. release of the TG-16 game was enough to put them off due to its bad sales?

    1. I suspect it was probably the latter. But I’m really surprised that they didn’t release the DS version in the west after the huge success of Ace Attorney and Professor Layton – it would have been the perfect game to market to ‘grey gamers’.

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